Premium Cosmetic Beauty & Spa Treatments in Wollongong

Whether you fancy uncompromising privacy, exclusive premium beauty products, cosmetic and beauty treatments or lush relaxation and spa services, Ayurvé Spa offers it all. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities designed to ooze relaxation, comfort and extravagance, Ayurvé Spa aims to remove you from the busy and stressful happenings of your world.

The Rebirth of Ayurvé at Ignite Medispa Wollongong

Ayurvé Spa has undertaken a complete upgrade in line with our commitment to offering unparalleled premium beauty and spa experiences in the Wollongong and Wollongong region. Our continuing effort towards personalised care in combination with Australia’s most advanced cosmetic and beauty approaches is why Ayurvé Spa is Wollongong’s favourite beauty and spa clinic.

By using exclusive premium beauty products and the latest and most promising technologies in combination with the right approaches,  Ayurvé Spa offers a truly unbeatable experience. Experience your world afresh with a completely new and exciting approach to Beauty and Spa treatments at Ayurvé Spa.

The History of Ayurvé Spa

A trip down memory lane…

Ayurvé Spa was first launched in 2003 in Central Wollongong, later operating in collaboration with Myer Wollongong CBD. 2020 has seen the formalisation of its new home: inside the trailblazing Ignite Medispa, Wollongong.

Whilst Ayurvé continues to provide beauty-, laser- and spa- services; since its now in a true medical environment, its treatment palette has been supercharged with the addition of cosmetic injectables, more energy-based devices employing cutting-edge technologies, and medical-grade professional products used in beauty treatments.

Curious about how much things have changed? Below are some images of our former sites: