SMARTLUX by MedMix available at Ayurvé Spa

Smartlux is a dedicated, single-platform system which emits narrow-band wavelengths of bright light to ensure efficient photo-biomodulation (or photostimulation) of target skin cells. The company which makes these devices, MedMix, ‘only’ makes these devices, meaning all of its research and development budget is spent solely on advancing this technology.

What makes Smartlux special is the precision of the treatment (minimal divergence of irradiation) and power (fluence).

Everything you need to know about LED Light Therapy

A matrix of LED lights bathe the target area with the chosen wavelength, such as infrared, red light, and yellow light.

Since the technology is neither IPL or LASER, it may be safely used in all patients without the potential for complications (due to heat-induced damage) or need for downtime.

The treatment is very pleasant, meaning that some patients enjoy getting it 2-3x per week for a period of 4-6 weeks. We advise caution for those with epilepsy which is easily triggered, and those who are on some types of medication may not be suitable candidates.

With LED Light therapy, different wavelengths are able to stimulate different cellular responses, such as:

  • Stimulation of fibroblasts, to increase the production of collagen and elastin, which may help with lessening wrinkles (esp. when used in conjunction with chemical peels) and healing surgical wounds;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect, which may help with rosacea, some types of ulcer, and hair growth.

Specialised Phototherapy devices such as SMARTLUX (more on this later) deliver light composed of red, blue, yellow and Infrared tones via high-intensity SLDs (Super-luminous diodes).

Depending on the application at hand, phototherapy can be used on the face, body and even hair.


Different wavelengths for different applications

Different wavelength and irradiation angle settings for the SLDs can assist with a number of applications. From wound healing assistance and pain relief, to improvement of dermatological conditions, anti-ageing treatments or simply a boost to your skin’s radiance.

The difference between red LED therapy and infrared LED therapy is that the former is used to reduce inflammation and to stimulate wound healing, whereas the latter is also for the same but is particularly good at reducing pain after surgery and treatments such as chemical peels.

Below are some of the configurations and their intended use:

Yellow light 590nm

  • Bruises and swelling
  • Skin radiance, rejuvenation, anti-pigmentation

Red Light 635nm

  • Skin-recovery and accelerated wound-healing
  • Hair and scalp treatment
  • Boosts skin radiance

Infrared 830nm

  • Provides pain relief
  • Helps with plumping of the skin

LED Light Therapy at Ayurvé Spa

LED light therapy or ‘phototherapy’ has been used for over two decades for a variety of medical and surgical purposes, including cosmetic and beauty applications. LED light therapy employs visible light, and it is neither ablative nor invasive, making is perfectly safe.

With years of experience delivering LED light therapy treatments, our doctors understand that your needs always come first. This is why we work with you to achieve your desired outcome but also help you understand everything involved with your LED light therapy treatment.

Ayurvé Spa has a highly qualified team of Doctors and Practitioners you can trust. Be confident knowing that our doctors will look after you with the utmost care during your next LED Light Therapy session.

Understanding your needs and how LED Light Therapy might help

When it comes to the best approach, it all depends on how we can best meet your needs. Our experienced team will help you understand the different approaches that we could use to help you achieve your desired outcome.

In order to meet your needs as accurately as possible, it is important to understand everything involved with each treatment we offer. And that’s exactly why there’s no substitute for a consultation with one of our experts.

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