Full Body Techno Spray Tan in Sydney CBD

Ayurve offers Sunless full body Spray Tan in sydney, try it for any special occasion, bridal, weddings, birthday parties or formals!!! Get Your Tan in 15 minutes

Benefits of Spray Tanning

Having a beautiful, dark, sun kissed skin, is one of the most desirable attributes that one has about their body. At Ayurve Spa, we use Techno Tan that delivers a safe, easy alternative to tanning rather than laying out in the harmful rays of the Aussie sun. All tans are carried out in a private room with a therapist using a spray gun and machine, to deliver a spotless, streak free cover. We advise you to wear dark loose clothing to your appointment to prevent the tan from rubbing against clothing.

Ayurve, Sydney CBD spray tan salon provides the best tan service to people. It is the best way of having sun bath without damaging your skin causing sun burn. It is highly characterized keeping the health of the people in mind.

Moreover, there are multiple products available on our site such as spray on tan. People can easily get the best one by following systematic and hassle-free procedure. The spray tanning solution is very safe and recommended for having artificial/fake sun bathing without endangering the health. Thus, ordering affordable sunless airbrush tan is the best way to rejuvenate your body.

If you are short of time and looking for someone to remove dead skin before tan then try our bodyscrub and tan package.

Techno Tan-Spray on Tan | 15min: $45.00

Techno Tan – Spray tanning  and body treatmentsTechno Tan – Spray Techno Tan – Spray on Tan ( Chocolate/Caramel) Develops around 2 hours Step into our tan room and be sprayed by professionals giving you the most natural, bronzed colour to suit all skins. We have 2 different types of tans offering 2 hour express development or 6 hour development. Both types offer varying shades of colour giving you the best result for your skin type, your therapist will discuss this with you before proceeding. For best results please exfoliate on the day or night before and leave all deodorant/perfumes and moisturisers off the skin so the tan can absorb evenly. Tip for better tan: Please wear or have dark loose clothing to put on after tanning treatment.  

Wet Body Exfoliation +Spray Tan | 45min: $75.00

Full body exfoliation with Spray Tan, Sydney Enjoy a full body exfoliation with Techno Tans gentle cream scrub with Shea butter, Jojoba and Macadamia to leave your skin so soft and ready for maximum absorption. After your full body scrub you will be placed into our tan room and a professional therapist will spray you with your choice of tan. Spray tanning procedure then follows and homecare advise.  

Tip for Spray Tanning

Always bring a pair of dark clothes and open toe shoes.

If you dont want us to do full body exfoliation please exfoliate at home the morning before and wear no deodorant or moisturizers, make sure you wash off your tan within the time suggested by the therapist as you may end up being too dark if you forget to wash off. Important Note: If you are wearing low back dress it is recommended to have professional exfoliation for the back, as sometimes it is hard to reach your whole back

+Spray Tan Packages| Buy 10 (15 min each) for $350.00


Techno Spray Tan at Ayurve, Sydney

2 hour Techno Spray Tan Sydney

Develops around 2 hours Validity 12 months from purchase *Last minute cancellation, 1 session will be deducted, cannot be used with other offers, discounts

 Spray Tan FAQs (Frequently asked questions)
Techno Tan is a bronzed tanning spray that gives you an instant sun kissed tan. All carried out in the privacy of your own room with a therapist spraying your body with a fine tanning mist by using a hand held spray gun.
Yes the tanning product is safe. All the ingredients and components of the Techno Tan have been approved by the FDA. If any clients have experienced skin reactions/allergies to tanning products before, than we advise you may experience a similar result with our product.
Techno Tan creates a reaction between the DHA sugars in the tan, and the proteins found with in the top layers of the skin, causing a tanning effect. The tan only reacts with those top layers and does not penetrate deeper. All skin colours are suited with one of our shades of colour as they adjust beautifully and naturally on the skin. The tan has an instant built in bronzer, allowing you to have an instant tan, while the tan itself has to develop over a couple of hours. This will wash off when you have your shower to remove the excess product. We have built in aloe vera and moisturisers that help nourish the skin and keep your skin looking hydrated and fresh.
No. All ingredients in the tan have been known to be used in cosmetics and food products, for many many years. All have been approved by the FDA. If you are concerned about any allergies or reactions, feel free to ask for a full list of ingredients OR to have a test patch done on an inconspicuous area that will allow you to watch for any reactions.
The tan is done in a private booth, with a therapist spraying your body with a hand held spray gun. A fine mist is released from the nozzle while slowly moving around the body, leaving you with a gorgeous, instant, and sun free tan!
No. Techno Tan is a green based tan that develops into a beautiful, bronzed brown colour, no matter what shade you are having done.
Yes we can spray the face and/or head. We recommend to only having a very light spray, and the therapist spraying you will instruct you to do this, without getting tan in the eyes or nose.
It is totally up to you on what your wear when you are being sprayed. Many people like to wear nothing, getting an all over spotless cover, some like to wear their own underwear/g-string, and others are happy to use the disposable g/string that we provide here for you, just keep in mind if you are wearing any underwear, you will have tan lines. All tanning is done in your own private room with a private booth, so no one will see you apart from the therapist spraying you.
If you are planning on shaving any part of the body, it is better to be done at least 24 hours before your tan so you have a nice, even smooth finish. If you shave after the tan it may result in loss of colour.
Immediately after the tan, you will have a slightly sticky residue on the skin as you have the built-in bronzer sitting on the surface of the skin. Once you have your shower after the developed time, your skin will have no sticky residue and you will be left with a gorgeous sun-free tan.
Again it’s up to the client, but it’s not necessary. We do provide hair nets to cover the hair and keep the hair off face. The tan will not affect the colour of their hair.
There may be a slight sour smell while the tan develops, but once the tan is washed off, there will be no smell.
We advise you to wear loose dark clothing immediately after while the tan develops, then once washed off you can wear what you like.
The development time for your tan ranges from 2-6 hours depending on tan that is used. The therapist will advise you of this in your homecare, after your treatment.
Yes you can, there is nothing in techno tan that will prevent you from getting a tan from the sun or solarium. Keep in mind you can still get burnt from the strong UV rays – techno tan has no sun protection what so ever.

Ayurve Spray Tan Blogs:

Prolong your Spray Tans

Spray Tan Sydney CBD 

Looking for a Natural Tan – Try our Techno Spray Tan at Ayurve Spa Sydney starting from $35-45 per session. Don’t forget to read our Spray Tan Salon FAQ before you book a Spray Tan and most important is if you need to Wax legs, arms, bikini, try to do it 24hrs-48hrs prior you visit a tanning salon.

Benefits of Natural Spray Tans

Tanning with fake tan has its own benefits, avoid direct sun uv rays as it cover the skin like a mask, you get even tan all over the body without sitting in the sun for hours. Your skin will not be damaged long term and prevent skin cancer etc. If you haven’t got time to exfoliate speak to Ayurve spray tan technicians, they offer body scrub and tan package for $75-$85 with  natural products to remove dead skin and any oil residues from skin care and body products. Spray tans have been developed using organic compounds, they have DHA Content which protects the skin from UV rays, it also helps the tan to be flawless on your skin and remove the orange skin tones. Natural tans include Aloe Vera which is good for skin and helps in nourishing. Ayurve Spa offers 2 Techno Tan Products Pre Tan and Post Tan body butter to maintain and prolong your tans.

Techno Tan products from Ayurve day spa

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