Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax -At Ayurve we provide premium beauty salon treatments, our Brazilian wax bar amongst the best in Sydney. With over 13+ years experience in Brazilian waxing treatment for ladies, we offer professional and quality service every time you visit. No Double dip policy applies and best quality hot wax to provide smooth feeling.

Brazilian Wax  also known Full Bikini Waxing or Hollywood Wax in Sydney

Brazilian Goddess Waxing/Hollywood Wax | 30-45min 

This treatment is for the removal of all hair in the p-hair area, clients have an option of leaving a strip of hair on top if they prefer, otherwise it is all removed- even right around to the buttock area. The Brazilian waxing treatment is carried out in a private room and will take approximately 30-45 mins for your first session.

Brazilian Touch Up (within 4-5 weeks) | 30-45min  *For Ayurve’s regular clients

Ayurve’s 4 weekly touch ups are for those Brazilian addicts that like to maintain their silky smooth Brazilian wax. Treatments take 30 minutes or less as there is small amount of regrowth compared to the initial visit. The Brazilian wax touch up must be booked within the 4 weeks to receive discount price.

The special price is available to Ayurve’s regular clients if they visit us again within 4-5 weeks of having a full Brazilian Goddess Wax.

Brazilian & Bikini Waxing

Day Spa TreatmentsTimeCostBook
Brazilian/Hollywood Wax45 minutes$70.00
Brazilian Touch Up***30 minutes$60.00
Bikini G-String30 minutes$45.00
Bikini Sides15min$30.00
** Brazilian Touch Up price applies if you have visited Ayurve within 5 weeks of last Full Brazilian Wax or Touch up
* Off Peak Waxing Price available Monday-Friday 10am-12Noon or 2pm-5pm Only

Which Brazilian Wax does Ayurve use for Brazilian or Hollywood Waxing ?

We use a specialized hot wax to insure clean removal of all hair, whilst also protecting the delicate skin beneath and leaving it smooth. NO STRIP WAX is used around the p-hair area, as we believe the skin in this particular area is too sensitive to be able to tolerate this harsher hair removal method of waxing often leaving broken hairs as a result.

What is the main technique to reduce pain during Brazilian Wax /Hollywood waxing ?

We have a special classic breathing technique, sometimes we offer lavender aromatherapy oil inhalation if required for the client to relax and be as comfortable as can be, especially if it is your first Brazilian wax with us. Our prices are cheap for the quality and hygienic service we provide.

We recommend 4 weekly touch ups from your initial visit, as on average this is the time your hair is long enough to repeat the treatment and keep the hair regrowth at minimum. In preparation for your Brazilian waxing we encourage you to trim hairs to at least 1cm, or to grow your hairs to at least 1 cm. All beauty salon treatments are carried out in your own private room with one of our female beauty therapists. After care advice is given after your waxing treatment.

Getting to Know Brazilian Waxing

Regardless of the gender, the p-hair region of a person is a very sensitive area, owing to the fact that it has a lot of nerve endings and is home to several quite delicate parts of the body. Waxing this area can hurt, although it is not as painful as what the majority of people think, and among the well-known options of bikini waxing is what we call the Brazilian wax.

Brazilian waxing began in 1987 in New York, introduced by Brazilian sisters, in which this particular procedure carries its name from.

If these things disgust you, or you are not that comfortable having someone spread warm wax around your intimate parts and remove all the hair, then Brazilian waxing may not be for you. This is a procedure, where all your p-hair area is pulled out, and this includes the hair found in your buttocks and everything in between.

On the other hand, bikini waxing gets rid of the hair that is only visible in the bikini area. Like the Brazilian wax, you have to expect a little pain when you undergo this procedure, although most skilled professionals will remove any major discomforts with their own special techniques.

Both of these waxing treatments can be sensitive, so always keep in mind these things: make sure to have a reliable and certified beauty therapist do it for you, and be sure to clean the area that needs waxing for you to prevent infections and probable embarrassment.

Go to a beauty salon or day spa that guarantees cleanliness and have professionals who are skilled enough to get the waxing job done – guaranteed. After all, you are there for the purpose of enhancing your overall beauty and not acquire possible problems later on.

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Brazilian/Hollywood Wax for Women

Waxing TreatmentsPriceBook
Brazilian/Hollywood Goddess-Full Bikini-30min$70.00
Brazilian/Hollywood Touch-Up ***$60.00
Brazilian/Hollywood Wax for Women
***(within 4 weeks)-30min only applicable if you have been to Ayurve within 5 weeks

If you have experienced brazilian client Ayurve also offers Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Serivce.

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