What are IV Drips?

IV drips have been used for years and various medical reasons. Their main function is to intravenously supplement your body with nutrients and to keep you hydrated. This is achieved by using a small tube (catheter) that provides a gateway directly into the bloodstream and an IV saline solution.

The two are connected and the solution flows straight into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract. This way, your body may reap the rewards of the saline solution faster and more efficiently than other methods of hydrating and consuming nutrients.

How do our IV Drips in Wollongong work?

Everyone consumes nutrients every day. Eating and drinking are the biggest daily contributor to your nutrition alongside other factors such as sunlight, providing vitamin D. The trouble is, even the healthiest diets in the world struggle to give your body all the essential nutrients that it needs to function at its peak. This is where our IV drips in Wollongong come in.

At Ayurvé, we aim to provide your body with all the essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that it needs to function at its best. Using our high-quality IV drips, we aim to flow these important nutrients directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the regular metabolic process. This way, you may absorb these nutrients faster and more efficiently.

Our highly qualified medical professionals take you every step of the way, from your initial consultation, all the way to leaving our spa, feeling refreshed.

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Ayurvé Spa offers a range of IV Drips that may help to:

  • Boost energy and make you feel younger
  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Reduce stress and improve brain function
  • Improve immune system function
  • Detoxify (detox) the body
  • Improve cell function, DNA synthesis, protein synthesis and other biological processes 
  • Boost metabolism to help you lose weight
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How may our IV Drips Wollongong boost your performance?

Age, stress, poor lifestyle choices, medications, chronic illnesses and other factors may be affecting your body’s ability to perform at its peak. Fortunately, IV Drips may be able to help by improving and boosting nutrient intake which may help your body function more efficiently and effectively.

Ayurvé Spa offers different IV Drips that are designed to improve different aspects of your health. That’s why it is important to understand what each treatment is designed for. Our IV Drip Professionals can help you understand more about what is involved with the treatment and the different products available.

At Ayurvé Spa, we utilise NewCell® IV Vitamins for all our IV Drip treatments.

Introducing NewCell® IV

Our NewCell® IV Drips in Wollongong are innovative and packed full of the nutrients that your body craves

Ayurvé Spa are proud to introduce our partners, NewCell® IV. With IV drip innovation at the heart of what we do, our NewCell® IV drips provide essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids in their solutions that may help you to feel reinvigorated. Our quick and safe IV treatments are designed with your health in mind. Take a look at our 3 main IV drip options below, NewCell® IV Refresh, NewCell® IV Recharge and NewCell® IV Revive.

Standard Oral Supplements

When you take oral vitamin supplements, the nutrition is absorbed by the stomach and taken directly to the liver to metabolised.

When you consume nutrients this way, there is only so much of the vitamins and minerals that your body actually absorbs and uses for fuel or nourishment. You do reap a small amount of nutritious reward but it is minimal.

NewCell® IV Drips

IV drips are used to flow nutrients directly into your bloodstream. This way, the metabolism process is bypassed and your body may not lose out on essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

Additionally, you may find that your body receives these important nutrients faster than if they were oral consumed due to the fast-track into the bloodstream.


In conclusion, when we look towards supplementing our body with essential vitamins and minerals, IV drips seem to be the front runner. Whilst there may be some nutritional benefits from taking oral supplements, most of the nutrition is wasted and not truly absorbed.

IV drips bypass the metabolism process and enter your bloodstream directly. This may give your body the chance to faster absorb all the good stuff without the wait time. For more information on the differences between Oral Supplements and our NewCell® IV drips contact Ayurvé Spa today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an IV drip cost?

At Ayurvé Spa, we have 3 main NewCell® IV drips that differ in quantity and additional nutritional supplements. These are:

  • NewCell® Refresh
  • NewCell® Recharge
  • NewCell® Revive

Our range starts with NewCell® Refresh at $179 and increases with the varying quantities of nutrients and additional supplements. To discuss which IV drip in Wollongong is right for you, get in touch with our friendly team today!

Do IV drips really work?

IV drips have actually been around for a long time. Hospitals use them to treat patients with dehydration problems and to administer certain vitamins and minerals to patients who are in desperate need of them. Additionally, many patients have been known to have single vitamin deficiencies and may need specific ‘one vitamin’ IV drips to supplement them.

Nowadays, we can harness the use of IV drips to treat not just patients that are sick but help improve the health of well people. For more information on the use of IV drips and which of our NewCell® IV range may be right for you, contact us today.

How long do IV drips take?

Generally, IV drips take between 30-60 minutes. It will be administered by a medical professional who will talk you through any of your queries beforehand. All of our IV drips are administered by medical professionals and you will have a consultation beforehand to determine which of our IV drips will suit your best.

For any more questions or to have a chat with one of our friendly team, contact us today.

Where can I get an IV drip?

At Ayurvé Spa, we are experts in all things IV. When you enquire with us, we talk you through the entire process and ensure that you are happy with your choice of IV drip and the procedure.

We are  more than happy to answer any of your questions look forward to greeting you for your first IV drip at Ayurvé Spa.