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Laser Skin Clinic – Ayurve offers range of Laser  Treatments in Sydney to suit different skin types. Our treatments our designed with the most advanced skin technology developed by famous brands like Syneron-Candela Gentlelase, Max Pro, Aspect, Cosmedix, Omveda and Dermalogica Skin Care

Laser Skin Clinic-Ayurve Spa

Laser Hair Removal Treatments  at our Laser and Skin Clinic Sydney

What you need to know about Permanent laser hair removal and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) reduction,both of which work by beaming the skin with bursts of lights, which correspond to the target shade on the skin, like the color in hair shafts or a tattoo’s black ink. Only the target spot and not the surrounding tissues is heated up.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

For laser hair removal, the energy beam of the laser or IPL treatment is absorbed by the hair shaft, creating enough heat to damage stem cells responsible for hair growth and stop them from generating new hair. As for tattoo removal, the light energy splits the targeted color into tiny pieces that the body can wash out.

How does IPL-(Intense Pulse light) Work?

IPL produces broadband light that can treat various targets in the skin, at various depths, like discolorations and thread veins. It can also be utilized to quickly treat huge areas.

These two laser treatment methods are utilized for three kinds of treatment – anti aging, hair removal, and skin.

Hair Removal using Laser or IPL

Hair removal is one of the most well-known laser treatments available. Hair removal by way of laser or IPL method works similarly like skin treatments: the surface of the skin is bombarded by a rapid burst of beam, which is matched to the hair color and skin type of the patient. It is then absorbed by the hair’s pigment, heating up and damaging the hair shaft and preventing re-growth of hair.

Laser or IPL hair removal treatments may be appropriate for most skin types, as long as the skin surrounding the hair is lighter. It is hard to successfully treat gray, red, or Blonde Hair.

Are you getting ready for laser hair removal ? it is important to know about Do’s and Don’ts  of laser hair reduction or FAQ below.

Laser Hair Removal for Men Deals

Laser Hair Removal for Women

Save upto 33-69% on laser hair reduction, no contracts if you want to do pay as you go for limited time only! Contact Ayurve for Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Sydney. Few Tips and FAQ on Laser Hair Removal Available.

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