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Laser Hair Removal – Ayurve Laser clinic Sydney City has been offering women and men a method of reducing their hair long term with Candela, it is cost effective and time efficient and Ayurve prices offer best value and quality treatment by experienced laser technicians only for the best Hairfree solution.

Most popular areas for healthy, hygienic and clear skincare are the bikini or Brazilian laser, legs and underarm laser, but almost any area that the hair is unwanted can be successfully treated, if the hair is dark enough and the skin is paler and not tanned either by sun or artificially.

Laser Hair Removal-Facial Offers

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Facial LaserHot Price ($)Single Price ($)Discount %
Sides of Face364520%
Mono brow91540%
Middle brow91540%
Lip & Chin225056%
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Laser Hair Removal-Lower Body Offers

*Promo Hot Price if you Prepay 6 or more sessions
Lower Body LaserHot Price ($)Single Price ($)Discount %
Feet & Toes255554.5%
Bikini Line355536.4%
Bikini Extended456530.8%
Brazilian inc Anus* Female557526.7%
Brazilian inc Anus* Male608529%
Brazilian & Underarm559535%
1/2 Leg9915937.7%
1/2 Leg+Braz+ Underarm11916929.6%
3/4 Leg(upper)11916929.6%
Full Leg14919925%
Full Leg+Bikini sides15920924%
Full Leg +Bikini sides+ Underarm16921923%
Full Leg+Braz+ Underarm16921923%
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Laser Hair Removal-Upper Body Offers

*Hot Price available with 6 or more treatment packages
UpperBody Laser Hot Price ($)Single Price ($)Discount %
Hands & Finger355536.4%
1/2 Arm8611927.7%
3/4 Arm9612925.6%
Full Arm11613916.5%
Full Arm & Underarm1351499.4%
1/2 Back8511928.6%
Full Back9515036.7%
Full Back & Shoulders12519937.2%
Snail Trail203542.9%
Areola (around nipples)203542.9%
Chest+Stomach Laser11516932%
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Laser Hair Removal IPL Deal-Ayurve Spa Sydney

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FAQ – Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal FAQ & tips for before and after treatments, it is important to follow instructions for best quality results. Our therapists have over 7 years experience in dealing with different skin types for laser hair removal.

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Which brand Laser Machine do we use ?

At Ayurve laser Clinic we use the latest evolution and most popular Syneron-Candela,   GentleMax  Pro as our preferred laser hair removal machine which is known for its success in giving optimal results safely and accurately for ALL skin types.

It’s a wonderful feeling having laser hair removal done, especially for women as they don’t have to think twice about shaving their underarms or bikini just for a visit to the beach. All our laser treatments are conducted by Certified Laser Technicians*

Which Model Laser Hair Removal Machine do we use?

We use the  Syneron-Candela GentleMax Pro. Due to its high-quality Alexandrite and Yag technology and proven to be medically safe, the GentleMax Pro  will deliver results every time. It combines 755nm Alexandrite laser with 1064nm Nd:YAG laser.

How many Laser treatments is required to see desired results ?

Most areas will require 8 -12 treatments done over a period of a year, after the very first treatment 90% of Clients see an instant reduction in hair regrowth, quoting it as being a lot finer and much less.

Why laser hair removal?

  1. The aim of laser hair removal is to permanently reduce unwanted hair by up to 88%
  2. To to get rid of those nasty ingrown’s.
  3. This will prevent anyone from visiting a waxing salon every month for long time
  4. Save’s you money in the long run

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe ?

Yes. Though there can be some sides effects are certain contraindications that would restrict some clients form having Laser that is why  we always recommend to do a consultation and/or patch test before starting any treatments.

Is laser hair removal safe when pregnant?

It is not recommended during Pregnancy.

Is laser Hair Removal Expensive ?

  1. Laser prices have come down especially for Brazilian laser, due to the demand and quality results clients have seen in the last 5 years,
  2. In comparison to an average of 15-20 years of waxing, buying shavers or depilatory creams then the amount saved can be thousands.
  3. Many women and men have had successful treatments and saved thousands of dollars, and are now benefiting from the savings they have made by choosing laser as there method of hair removal.

What to expect in the first visit ?

When you arrive for your first session of laser hair removal, there will be a consultation provided where there is opportunity for clients to ask questions. There will also be a patch test done and a consultation form to be filled, so allow an extra 10 minutes on top of treatment time.

What type of hair can be treated ?

Laser can only treat hairs that are dark in colour or have Pigment as the light energy will only be attracted to pigment within the follicle, so unfortunately for clients with blonde,  grey or white hair  , Laser  will be ineffective on this type of hair. All Skin Types FitzPatrick 1 to 6 can be treated with GentleMax Pro.

How does it feel during treatments?

The pain level depends on individuals and body skin type, usually it is less painful than waxing specially when cooling spray is applied.

It has been described like an elastic band being snapped against the skin. Some redness and swelling can occur after treatment, Though resides quickly if after guidelines are followed and maintained.

Does laser hair removal hurt brazilian? 

  1. While you are being treated, you will feel a slight cooling spray ( Cryogen ) on the surface of the skin before the laser hits the follicle, this is to prevent any further discomfort you will feel from the laser and helps to cool the surrounding tissue.
  2. The treatment is over fairly quickly, and the benefits are much greater than any other hair removal method.

What to expect after treatments?

Immediately after your treatment there will be an application of Aloe Vera gel to assist in cooling of the skin, there will be a slight reddening or swelling of the follicles, which is a great result as the hair has been successfully heated and the follicle destroyed. All after care instructions will be provided, the main being to staying out of the sun, no fake tans or solariums for up to 3 weeks after treatment.

What happens after 2-3 weeks ?

After about 2 weeks of the treatment you will notice the hair will begin to fall out of the skin, and then a couple more weeks will pass until you notice regrowth which will appear much finer and in patches.

What is the gap between each treatment? 

  1. On average we say leave about 4-6 weeks between each session
  2. we recommend 6-8 sessions to achieve good results.

How long does laser hair removal last ?

  1. It depends on person to person, after finishing 6-10 sessions the hair may stop growing
  2. 99% hair reduction means, you may see few strings of hair in patches after 1-2 years
  3. Clients may want to  touch up after few years.
  4. Women may see hairs returning due to hormonal changes, after pregnancy etc

Does the hair stop growing after 6 sessions ?

There are special circumstances which will see that sometimes hair can grow back, due to hormones, medication and natural causes, there are no guarantees with any type of lasers or IPL machines. But for the most part the results that we have achieved at Ayurve Spa have been of great success and happy clients.

Who can have the treatment?

Clients that have paler skin tones and darker hair have most success with laser hair removal. Some success has been experienced with those that have lighter hair but that could be caused as a result of the client having darker pigment at the root of the hair.

Do I need to have a patch test?

At Ayurve Spa we strongly recommend doing a patch test at least a week before you commence treatment as this will not only allow the therapist to determine proper settings to the treatment but also it will give a good indication of how well your hair responds to the laser.

How many sessions are needed?

There are many factors that come into play when we look at hair growth. Hormonal changes, medication, age are just some of the factors we look at when we do our initial consultation. At Ayurve Spa we generally advise our clients 6 – 8 sessions but this can go either way , some less, some more.

Can I wax before laser hair removal?

  1. We don’t recommend to wax before laser hair removal
  2. If you wax before then you are removing the object that attracts the laser. There has to be a active hair in the root of the follicle for the laser to destroy.
  3. Shaving is always advised which you can do as much as you like throughout the laser treatments over 6-9 months,  as this is only removing the top of hair and still allowing the laser to destroy the root underneath the skin.

When should I shave before laser hair removal?

  1. Always shave 24-48 hours prior treatment.
  2. For the initial consultation and patch test we advise you to leave the hair as is, so the therapist can have a look at the colour and shave away a small area for a patch test.

Can I go to gym exercise after laser hair removal treatment?

  1. We strongly don’t recommend to exercise straight after laser treatment,
  2. We suggest you let the skin calm and cool for 24-48 hours
  3. Excess sweating can irritate the skin after laser treatments.

Can I swim after laser hair removal?

  1. We don’t recommend to swim after laser hair removal for atleast 48 hours
  2.  If you swim the chlorine could irritate the skin and cause further inflammation and aggravate the skin.

 Can I use any numbing creams before laser treatment?

Yes if you like you can use a numbing cream, but it must be applied before you come for treatment but check with clinic first or qualified therapists

How long does laser hair removal session take?

  1. Every area being treated will vary in times.
  2. The head on the laser is 18mm-24mm wide, so a full leg laser could take up to 30 mins,
  3. Brazilian+Underarm 5 – 10 mins.

What do I do if it is Red or Patchy after laser treatment ?

After the laser session if the area is Red or patchy you need to contact the clinic immediately, only use products or ointments recommended by the laser specialist.

Laser Hair Removal for Women

For many years women had to except hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving,tweezing or depilatory creams, as part of their day to day routine. Unwanted hair whether it was that fine facial hair or course body hair, was there to stay.

Thankfully with the discovery of Laser hair removal, women can now work towards a more hair-free future. For many years Ayurve Laser Clinic has been providing women with laser hair removal , and for many years we have been seeing great results. Laser can provide women with the confidence of permanently minimizing hair growth and putting an end to painful ingrowns or allergic reactions that can often result after other hair removal methods.

Call Ayurve Spa now if you want to experience a future of hassle free hair removal. All machines are proven medically safe and cost effective.

* At the time of booking you need to advise whether you have any health condition, allergy or pregnant for us to ascertain which treatment may be more suitable.


Laser Hair Removal Services for Men & Women

Why do men want laser hair removal service ?

Unwanted hair can be a problem that men have suffered with silently for many years, but since laser hair removal has become so available and acceptable for men to have done, it has solved a lot of worries for many men, especially those that suffer from terrible ingrown hairs. Not only does laser have an effect on reducing hair growth if not getting rid of it permanently, it has a great effect on ingrown hairs.

Does laser help in reducing In-growns?

As the laser will permanently reduce the hairs, making them a lot finer, this allows ingrown hairs that are currently present to be destroyed, and any future ingrown hairs can be avoided as the hair is either gone, or a lot finer allowing it easier to come up through the skin and not getting curled up underneath the skin and causing that red irritating bump.

At Ayurve men have been successfully treated on pretty much any area of the body were unwanted hair is a problem. The neck area especially has great results for those that are shaving constantly and experience those painful ingrown hairs.

Can any skin colour have laser hair removal ?

Yes Laser treatment is only available to clients that have darker hair and paler skin types, as the laser is attracted to dark pigment, anyone that has tanned skin or has naturally darker skin has to proceed with much caution as the laser will treat the skin as well due to the darker pigment present. If you have any health condition, allergy or pregnant you need to advise at the time of booking for us to ascertain whether you can have any laser treatments

A consultation is always necessary so your experienced therapist can offer you the best and most safest way to proceed.

Important: It is recommended to wax if you are uncomfortable with laser hair removal. We offer waxing for men for Back wax, chest wax, full leg wax including buttocks and facial areas. Please read our FAQ on Laser Hair Removal if in doubt ? or email us if you have any questions.

Laser hair removal using GentleLase Machine-AyurveSpa

Laser Hair Removal For Men

The past decade has seen laser hair removal become more and more popular for men. No longer is it just a service dominated by the female market, countless men have now discovered the long term benefits of laser hair removal.

Long gone are the painful waxing sessions, that can often result in ingrown hairs that sometimes lead to scarring or can even cause painful infections. No more shaver rash, from endless shaving sessions, or skin irritations from depilatory creams.

At Ayurve Spa, Sydney, we will provide you with the best method of laser hair removal, working towards a hair-free future. With many years experience in the laser industry we have provided much relief for men and there unwanted hair whether it be the chest, back, genitals or even facial hair. Our machines are proven medically safe and cost effective.

Call Ayurve Spa now for a no obligation, free consultation, patch test with our experienced laser therapists.

Laser Hair Removal Terms and Conditions Apply:
  • 24 hour Cancellation Policy Applies for Individual and Packages
  • Last minute Cancellation 1 session will be forfeited.
  • Shaving is essential at least 24-48 hours prior, AVOID direct sun minimum 2 weeks prior and 2 weeks after treatment.

  • Waxing is not recommended during laser treatments, consult our laser clinician for advise.
  • Prior Consultation and patch test is recommended.
  • 2016 single prices quoted above can change without prior notice.
  • Expiry Date-6 pack has to be used within 9 months from purchase
  • Offer cannot be used with any other offers or deals
  • Blog-Laser Hair Removal other FAQ before and after laser, side effects.
  • Best way to get Reviews is to come in for a trial patch test.

What is included in our Special Laser Hair Reduction Prices ?

  • Our pricing is per session and not by Minutes.
  • Compare our pricing and you will save more with our packages.
  • The above price includes GST.
  • Payments can be made via cash, eftpos, visa, master, diners and Amex, Myer Gift Card and Westfield gift cards. We accept  MYERone rewards and Commonwealth bank Card points.
  • No extra Charge for Credit card fee.

Learn more about Laser Hair removal in our blogs.

  • Laser Technicians and Skin Specialists  at Ayurve Sydney are therapists who have min qualification in Beauty Therapy and Laser Certifications, they also have over 2-3 years of experience working within a beauty and skin clinics

Tips by Webmd for Laser Hair Removal or Wikipedia-Laser hair removal


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